My name is Yvette. I live to garden! my garden style is kind of bipolar. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I fucking hate it. This will be a realistic travel with me through words and pictures where you will see the reality of the garden. I over water, underwater and sometimes forget to water. I also:

DIY garden decor

Make ceramic garden pots/pipes

Sun oven cook in the garden (the garden is now my kitchen in this heat)

Feed like ten cats who all have homes and ruin the garden but I love them.

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my first tik tok how exciting!!! #sunoven using the sun and this beautiful sun oven I pick up second hand for twenty fucking dollars!!!! I make these crisp af cookies. I will be trying to cook diff foods in the garden #gardenlife #prepper #cookies

♬ original sound – gardeningwiththisbitch

So excited to share my journey with you ❤

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