The non existent garden

The city came and cut the trees. I was excited, this brings so much sun into the side yard where most of the garden is supposed to grow. A small branch fell on my glass table and it broke. Not only did it break all the plants on the table. A branch fell and tossed all my artichoke plants into the sky and to who knows ware. They city workers knocked and said sorry so whatever. I got the table for free from my neighbor when they moved.

 I have these onions and these radish every ware sprouting in random areas. They never grow to their full potential, most of the seeds fall into cracks or onto the horrible hard soil. All the seeds that blew away have decided to grow. All purposefully planted seeds rarely show up to the plant party. It could be because I garden when I choose to garden and not when the plant calendar says I should. I know it’s not correct and I will not have as many yields but when the frost is gone and the sunshine burns holes into my ice heart, I assume its time. Then its frost again and rain and a hour of sun, more frost than a day so hot the devil himself is probably in front of an air conditioner.

It’s supposed to rain. But who knows, every time my eyes close it rains. When I go to sleep it’s raining, when I walk outside and blink rain hits my eyelids, open my eyes no rain. I don’t know what’s going on. I never see this rain.

End thoughts.

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Swamp Garden

I’m sitting here watching murder shows on I.D. rain hitting my windows, wind blowing more leaves into my yard. Every time I step outside something blows into my face. Example: yesterday a plastic bag tried to suffocate me.

Everything is over wet. There’s mud every ware, my lawn is to my knees and I can’t plant anything outside. My garden life’s a mess, my yards a swamp, spirts are at an all-time low. I keep throwing potatoes out screaming “grow babies, grows ware ever u fall… Live with the flower babies”. Forget I tossed them out. Then I go into my yard and I’m like who the fuck tossed a potato here.

I found little collections of water with mosquito larva’s. Every planter that collected water has them. I can’t pour them out fast enough. All this rain is refilling them so quick and there back like they’ve been here for years.

Ahhhhhh garden life.

I have seedlings inside under lights so far it has been pretty good. But like always we Will see. I forgot they were under lights a month ago and came back to dry lil curled up strings. The panels on the green house flew away again so I bought tape, siding tape soooo excited for everything to be dry. My dragon fruit is plump as fuck but still doing nothing other than getting longer. When does the fruit come into my life.


I got new crocs and a new garden fanny or work belt, whatever it is either way new things, new shovel, new out look on the weather maybe?



Holding the rain the weather man said we were not geting.