paper cups

I think I’m going to do amazing this year in fact I know I am. So here’s a list of seeds I bought

  • Wild leaks
  • artichoke
  • Wonder berries
  • marvel tomato
  • Peter seeds (look like dicks can’t wait)
  • giant leek
  • Chamomile 
  • giant watermelon
  • Strawberry spinach
  • Desert tipin chili
  • Trucker’s fav white corn
  • Rainbow mix carrot seeds
  • Purple tomatillos

 Seeds I already had that I will use: all heirlooms

  • Black tomatoes
  • French peas
  • Bush peas
  • Watermelon
  • Dill
  • Brussel sprouts

 I will more than likely add more as I figure plant spacing out.

I’m going to three sisters it this year outside of my raised beds. If you don’t know what that is its growing corn, then beans, then a ground vine. The beans crawl up the corn stalks and the vines do the ground cover shading for less water evaporation and not letting weeds in.

I’m also planting chrysanthemums as natural bugs back the fuck up off my garden repellant.

It’s really muddy outside I didn’t think we would have this much rain cuz the weather man is a constant fucking liar. Now the rain has literally rained on my parade of gardening chores I lined up. I’ve wanted to work on pushing my bunny back into the side yard a lil more being that he doesn’t use his whole length of space and just lounges and eats. I bring him out and pat him and sit him on the couch inside the house. Until I can safely use an electrical saw without slipping on sludge and cutting my head off or electrocuting myself that will wait.

I bought these Dixie cups poked holes with a safety pin on the bottom, labeled and filled with dirt. There the perfect size for one of my racks. When I water the top row the water from them falls down into the second row and so on.

Update (literally next day) the cups weren’t as sturdy as the plastic ones I normally buy which target no longer sells so they squeezed right thru the hole and some fell to their deaths. I moved them to a smaller grid cabinet thing. Water still goes from top plants to bottom but not as great.

So far garden life=yay.

What I imagine my side yard will look like<3


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  1. Do you keep seeds from last years crops or do you buy new ones?

    I daresay you could harvest seeds from the tomatoes, peas and melon. Not sure about the others unless they bolted. Not entirely sure how you get seeds from sprouts. >.>

    Oh Yeah… Don’t electrocute yourself or cut your foot off… People tend to mock you for that. Besides… The paperwork is a bitch. Just sayin’

    Good luck.


    1. I bought tons of seeds to pump me up for garden life. I’m a lil behind on my writing but I’m gona post soon I was able to get seeds out of a cucumber that I will attempt to sprout this year. I actually wish I had taken a picture I left a pumpkin on the counter for countless days and I finally realized it was there and cut it open for the bunny and it had one seed that sprouted inside of it it’s plant was a good inch and a half long.

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