these cups…?.fuck them

I used paper Dixie cups lined with wax to start my seeds. Worst idea ever omg. Dam Dixie cups only good for accepting semen samples at the sperm bank. I Can’t remember the last time I drank out of one of those things and it didn’t collapse mid sip and who the fuck let me label these. I really feel like if I were in a female/ female relationship (first name Brittany last named Spears) she would be like hey babe I can’t read that maybe you should type it up and come up with amazing garden ideas like the perfect goddess she is. I would like to send a shout out to target for not selling the shot glass size cups I normally use. Hope whoever made that decision gets mouth herpes.

 I searched every ware all I could find were these dam take away condiment cups so I’m going to try and save what seeds aren’t covered in disgusting mold and start the rest off in better cups. Yes, I went to smaller cups not bigger. Bigger cups take too much space and that’s wasteful as hell in my limited growing area. I might regret my choices later but with all my gardening experience on an up down teeter totter this maybe could land me right in the middle, or maybe I’ll grab all my seeds and throw them on the ground and hope for the best. Mid garden life tantrum.

Look at this freaking disgusting mold


My bunny got out again today if these cups weren’t freaking enough to ruin my day. He ate some of my egg cartons I was going to use to properly space out my carrots and Brussels sprouts. He has freaking organic lettuce, tons of treats, I even sprout him lentils in a jar all fancy but he rather eat trash and the lining of my green house. He’s lucky I think he would make a fabulous fur coat or id give him away. He’s not big enough for a coat sigh (sad face) but I love petting him imagining my Cruella Da Vil floor length rabbit fur coat, the winters would be great hahah hell I’d wear it summers to.

These new cups with there freshly printed labels  already sprouting 2 days later

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  1. The biggest problem with those kind of cups is that you don’t know what materials its made of. You may need to stick to proper seed trays or shells.

    What about using card egg boxes? (Not the polystyrene ones)


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