My eyes told me lies

Remember how I said this beautiful cat was shitting in my garden and ripping my seedlings out. Turns out it’s my fucking cat!!!! My smooth 19-pound cashmere fur sweater feeling cat. I was cleaning my bedroom window and I saw him look back towards the house, look towards to road, then to the sky (probably asking his cat god for forgiveness) then right there steps over the wood, digs up a hole and shits right ware my eggplant is growing.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought maybe it was another cat who looked just like mine so I went out to make sure and he bolted to the back yard. I followed him, he jumped a fence, it’s so him. The fence before me gave him enough time to lay on the floor and pretend he was waking up from the most peaceful sleep of his life.

Oh and remember how I was 3 sister-ing it. Well like real sisters one decided to be a bitch and hog the spot light from the others and grew bigger then them all, now I have 1 sister lol. I will be restarting again just with corn, sun flowers and the beans to crawl up them. I don’t want to plant more squash until I kill what’s eating them.

It’s so hot today. I feel like I’m going to turn into an apple doll. I’m getting so sweaty, summer how dare you try to moisten me and all my lady parts.

My tiny eggplant that made me flip my lid its so cute


This Sunflower that took forever to grow

Not to be out done “Pook” the reason I have to replant my garden life over and over again

IMG_20170720_114033 (2)

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