The Killing

It happened again, those green caterpillars came into my garden life and ate so much of my plants. I pretty much want to take down my soda planters in the green house and hang myself for not being properly prepared. Guess what?!? I didn’t even grow the Chrysanthemums to keep the bugs away, I 180% forgot. I was too excited spray painting tin cans for my spice life that I just tossed my flower seeds to the other side of my brain.

My internet garden btw doing amazing, whole village is fed.

There is also something eating my squash and zucchini sprouts. I blocked everything and fenced it in so it can’t be bunny butt or my dogs, the teeth marks are super small. Has to be some kind of small rodent. You’d think because I have a cat, a sizeable cat that I wouldn’t have this problem but Big Grey doesn’t give a shit if I eat organic vegetables picked with my own hands this year. He only cares about laying in the sun and forcing me to fluff his dry cat food before he eats and threating a hunger strike if I don’t. Cutie Pie is the only one who cares. She’s been barking at a tiny hole for 2 weeks and I dismissed it as her being a dick as always (she’s a shitzu and likes to start shit).

Ugh. This is making me sad. I planted tons of tomatoes I thought I planted 4 diff types in this one bed but they all look the same like pear tomatoes. I don’t even really like tomatoes. I figured I would start liking them once I grew them but there ugly.

My dogs had an improv 2 Spartan warrior era lion fight in the green house knocking down at least 8 tins of spices that had sprouted making me start all over. Only plus side is the green house make things grow so much faster. Well I’m off to Ace, to get mouse traps and rat traps and gopher traps and figure this shit out.

This isn’t the caterpillar but I’m pretty sure there related, this must be its uncle.


and now I have a mealy bug infestation…..fucking great (those cute white puffs, bugs)


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  1. My cat just wants to sit outside and feel the breeze. Bloody thing.

    As to what is eating your crops… It could be anyth… best bet is to nuke the site from orbit and start again with cockroaches and mint… the only two things that will survive the holocaust.

    Good luck with the mealybugs… It was a pain for me to deal with. >.<


    1. I just restarted the plants. I found these lil bugs that look like mini crickets but google images with all its information doesn’t have a single picture that looks like this thing.


      1. A couple of choices. Ask on Twitter and use your hashtags… or Google the kind of things you see.

        E.g. “small cricket like insect on chilli plant” and see how you go.
        If you link to a pic of it I can have a look and see if my google-fu is any better.


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