Planning ahead and behind

So I have officially caved in chicken wire will be going up.

Which I guess was coming anyway. My dogs have trampled the five whole carrot survivors to smithereens. Not only that but I have to keep covering certain plants so they would quit jumping in them. Covering them lead to this giant ass mushroom sprouting in the soil I guess from the moistness and not getting enough sun light. Totally thought about eating it but…..won’t chance it, it’s very brown and large almost jelly looking, like it could be swimming in the ocean.

So, as I sit here and goggle what Brussel sprout plants look like so I can give them enough space I think…….

I can’t wait till the farmer’s market were I will not purchase your fking heirloom tomatoes at 4.99lb. Why am I going then you ask? To show support to local small business duh. I WILL have a beautiful garden providing me with fresh veggies, herbs and fruits (so far has only provided pain in my soul)…. but I don’t have a smoked dog bone tree. I also want to generate ideas for next season. Maybe I’ll buy a few veggies and seed them who knows.

Garden visitor


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