The imposter.

All raised beds are ready. I’m going to layer my dirt then start sectioning off with cotton cord and small nails. I figure after I section off add plants remove cording, I could use the cord and nails to make a little DIY trellis for the plants to crawl up on if needed. I’m moving... Continue Reading →

lil diyish

After cleaning my growing area again, freaken bunny dragging plastic from who knows ware every ware, I add compost to my old soil and then bagged soil to that. I mixed it all in these round tubs with this tiny shovel I found in the rocks at the beach. I started going through my seeds... Continue Reading →

Cleaning my life.

Nothing to exciting today just going to clean my growing space. I hope my before and after pics are so dramatic and amazing that the bitches at Better Homes and Garden all cream their panties simultaneously. I really want to buy a chicken or maybe build some stairs. I don’t have a two story house... Continue Reading →

The start.

So I told myself last year that I would have this huge garden, a garden that would rival the Garden of Eden. My backyard is smaller then an inmate on death row personal play area so even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen I had high expectations. I bought this amazing green house on... Continue Reading →

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