This year.

I did like Brittany Spears today and “I worked bitch” digging up garden beds mixing soil before the rain comes and drowns my soul. I am excited! always planning my garden life, over imagining the fruits of my labor. This year I will not count my chickens before the eggs hatch because there is still a profoundly serious threat of raccoons, gophers, cats, dogs, that drunk guy in the bush and the lady who stole all my veggies last year. BUT I built the fence, posts on end I said I was going to build a fence and this year I did. (my life partner did, I take full credit as it was my idea. I also imagined myself building it therefore manifesting its existence ha). The garden is safe-ish.

The fence has not stopped children from jumping into my yard and trying to touch my kittens, but it should stop the garden thieves. Plus, who’s going to steal half dead plants? Only a complete asshole but then that might be what I’m dealing with. I also rebuilt my garden beds.  The internet is making me rush. I see all these gardens and I’m like nooooo I am soooo behind!!!!!!!!!!! Their plants are a whole inch, mine seeds aren’t even in the dirt yet. Is it even time? I don’t know.

My garden is currently a sun bed for the neighborhood cats. Its fine, everything is dead.

  I love my new shovel. Not as pricy as the last one but I stole that one from my parents’ house, so karma drop kicked me in the face and broke it, halting my work. But I feel it in my bones and in my eyelash hairs this is my fucking YEAR! I’m cold. I wish gardening wasn’t so weathery. Its either to hot or too cold or its just right but then I go to my real job when its perfect gardening weather.

Fuck it trowel life.

Progress in the garden this new year to date:

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