Don’t trust the tomato plant.

I love using those cage things for plants. I always do it a little to dam late, after I noticed they might need support and it’s the same plants every year sooo if you’re wondering “When should I cage my tomatoes”? well do it as soon as it sprouts so you’re not damaging it after or so you don’t forget like me and its half way on the floor. If you do forget you can always take a stick, pole, or other long item and slide it by stem of plant and use cord to tie it up. I went to my neighbor’s yard and stole a branch. Will they be mad? Probably, it’s an expensive tree. Do I care? No, no..and no. I saw them let their dog shit in my yard the other day soooo my branch. I saw you Sharon! Just kidding that’s not her name. It’s Debra or something similar. But she does this a lot under the cover of night.

I tried multiple varieties of tomatoes last year and this year I bought “Container” tomato seeds. As you can tell by the name and the short blurb about the plant on the seed packets this was supposed to be a tiny, cute and dainty but well producing tomato plant. The type you could plant on a balcony and still have room for a garden chair or out on a hefty windowsill and still have room for a spice garden and make salsa all summer. You have a small apartment? perfect this seed packet is for you!!

Why go into so much detail about what you could have with this tomato plant? well because it’s a fucking lie!

Don’t trust tomato plants! Any of them. I’m on year 3 of making the same mistake. My thoughts: this cute dainty tomato plant, this year will be different, finally a tomato plant that will share the space with the rest of my garden. No. the container tomato plant is well over a foot into its neighbors. My tiny plants can’t even get nutrients. The tomato plant is like “hey, hey, hey is that sun and fresh worm tea? Get out of the fucking way its mine. That soil its mine, lady bugs mine to. You can have all the aphids though those are gross”.

The tomato plant is the big prisoner the has busted out the wire cage garden barrio. Bullying the rest of the plants for there treats, outdoor time and showers.

Shame on you tomato plant.


Its engulfed its wire support, you can see the tiny black one I tried to straighten it with

20190821_144931Overall not to bad, producing a lot. Just taking more space then it said.



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