It grows cats

I wanted a garden this season. I really did, it started out fine. I grew lettuce up the ass, three whole purple cabbage and sprouted tons upon tons of seedlings: carrots, onions, radish, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, squash all of it. Then the city tree that lingers above my garden decided to have the biggest infestation of mealy bugs I have ever seen in my life. Tons of cute tiny ass fluffy ass bugs all over the place. Sucking the tree near dry, dripping juice everywhere. Nothing is not sticky, every blade of grass, dropped leaf, tool and chair feels like maple syrup. The lady bugs assisted with nothing. They skipped my yard entirely. I saw them having gang bangs in every yard but mine. It’s awful even the sidewalk is sticky, my crocs go qwip qwip qwip every step.

Then two momma cats decided this was their garden and there were going to have their babies in my bushes. I love animals, I love cats, I love racoons, every fur creature is welcome to my home just stay out my garden. But no, kittens galore I put up a white fencing material it worked for the adult cats. Once the babies started walking it was over. Every seeding dug up, crapping all over the place. Only a handful of plants survived, and I can count them on 1 hand. So that’s the garden, a squash plant, a tomato plant. a luffa gourd plant, a bell pepper plant and a random Swiss chard that is growing on the lawn.

I did catch the kittens fixed them and found them new homes. One of the momma cats is fixed the other one came back preggers again, so she is a 2 litter a year cat and needs to be fixed as well. Ugh. Hopefully, my winter garden it’s a winter wonderland of actual plants.

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I found these on the side of HWY 25

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