Goth Garden

I wanted to do a goth garden this year, black flowers, black leaves, and black planters. The only thing goth about my garden is everything is dead. My giant gladiolus was supposed to be black flowers, I even paid extra, and they are bright fucking red. So goth garden in process….I will add as it comes together.

Other than that, one color disappointment everything seemed to be going well. I started the season off pretty good. All the seedlings sprouted, everything in their cute lil rows. But when it came to picking, they were stubby. I only did root veggies, and everything was short. After I picked it out, I realized my dirt is super compacted. Like super-super even though I felt I did a good job mixing soil, adding perlite and compost its hard like a dam street.

So, I dug it all up. Everything!!! Tossed all the plants I was waiting to grow into fabric growing bins and did a total rehaul on the raised beds. I dug down a foot, added cardboard, then wood, then yard scraps/leaves, then random dirt, amended soil mixed nice dirt, all their nutrients and now I’m ready to go.

The yard smells like someone took a shit in it. The compost was wet in the bags and its awful plus the steer and chicken manure didn’t help.

While I wait for the garden to settle (I feel all the nutrients and manure will burn the plants I have waiting in the green house) I’m going to do some fucking DIY garden décor.

Every year Halloween I raid the shelves for tiny things I can use in the garden for décor at the dollar tree and 99 only store.

I got a lil pile of tiny skeletons and skulls at the dollar tree, went to Michaels and got the pricier butterfly’s (use a coupon!!) Boom now we have fairies!!!

Material needed: Glue Gun, String, Fancy beads optional, Skeletons, Butterfly wings, sticks also optional, found random craft supplies to add.

Random material I found in the craft box
Glue it however you want!!! I used the antennas from the butterfly’s and glued them to the skulls instead and cut the wings off the butterfly’s and glued them to the back of the skeletons and skulls it held better that way 🙂 and done

Excited as always to show my garden ups/downs and decor with you :).

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