Visting the plant babies

It is very rare that I get to visit Half Moon Bays Garden strip. I wanted a carnivorous plant and seeing them online wasn’t going to do it for me. You find a plant online, the pictures are beautiful! Then it comes in the mail and what the fuck wtf is this? I’ve gotten the wrong plant numerous times or just a plant that was bald, no leaves like??????. So, in real life I can touch, smell and hold it in my hands, so shopping we go.

As I speed walk half jazzercising my way through the hefty people packed aisle of the Highway 92 succulents screaming Ludacris “move bitch get out the way” in my head, I hop from plant to plant deciding who is coming home with me!? I’m on a budget so not everyone can come. I came here first just to take a look. My first purchase will be at Carnivorous Plants. You had to window shop due to covid, which made my purchase smaller because I have to walk around something like ten times before I go yesssss yessss ooooo god yesss. I bought 2 droseras. I fucking love watching fly’s panic and try to escape while stuck on the gooey mucilage. There has to be one huge version of this plant scientist haven’t discovered yet that eats full size animals or maybe even people? I got a dark pink/red sarracenia leucophylla (pitcher) plant and a nepenthes (monkey cup).

On to the next

I go back to Highway 92 succulents and get my fill on cactus, succulents and this lil string of hearts! It was so beautiful inside. I keep internally screaming omg goth garden status, goth garden!!!!! So of course, I got the freakiest or blackest plants. I went over my budget by 15.95 and was like fuck it I’m never here I will spend more.

I go to Half Moon Bay Nursery next. Parking was awful there was so many people and limited space. There were tons of plants tons! The weather outside was cold and misty as I walk through the uncovered section. I walked picking weeds out the plants and watering like I work there. There was random succulents and calla lilies growing on the ground. I was so excited touching the leaves, huge leaves every ware. I kept thinking omg could this be my future could I do this? Maybe? I continued walking around this spot is so huge. Grabbing all the plants I wanted my hands with three pots in each my fingers barely clinging to them until I found a wagon. There were different sections of plants here. Everyone took the lemons trees. There was not a single type of lemon tree only remnants of where they were. I walked until I got to the flowers and vegetable section. It was so hot in there and cozy, I loved it. O to be a lil bug choosing the perfect fluffy leaf to eat then taking a nap in the flower bed, being taken home by some strangers to go and eat their garden to bits <3. I got hot chilis, flowers, strawberry plants, and seeds here. The fanciest pack I have ever seen. There was also a cat I think his name is Thumper. He was laying in the fancy plants, all the Elephants ears and big leaves surrounded him until he came to make sure my order was complete at check out.  

Can’t wait to get home paint my pots blacks and transplant all these new lil babies!!!!!!!

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