Garden dreams crushed

You can tell someone has been river dancing all over my dirt. My cover blew off into the wind and out into the world. Ugg flip flops and sprinkling plants with water doesn’t mix. My feet look like I’m a hobbit minus the hair. Just dirty feet gross. I’m behind on my garden life between... Continue Reading →

Trowel Life

I’m running out of free water. I collected rain water this year because simply fuck the police. Jk. I think it’s legal now in California to collect rain water. I’m not super sure don’t take my word for it. My life partner found four amazing pieces of wood at work in the trash pile again... Continue Reading →

My eyes told me lies

Remember how I said this beautiful cat was shitting in my garden and ripping my seedlings out. Turns out it’s my fucking cat!!!! My smooth 19-pound cashmere fur sweater feeling cat. I was cleaning my bedroom window and I saw him look back towards the house, look towards to road, then to the sky (probably... Continue Reading →

The Killing

It happened again, those green caterpillars came into my garden life and ate so much of my plants. I pretty much want to take down my soda planters in the green house and hang myself for not being properly prepared. Guess what?!? I didn’t even grow the Chrysanthemums to keep the bugs away, I 180%... Continue Reading →

Planning ahead and behind

So I have officially caved in chicken wire will be going up. Which I guess was coming anyway. My dogs have trampled the five whole carrot survivors to smithereens. Not only that but I have to keep covering certain plants so they would quit jumping in them. Covering them lead to this giant ass mushroom... Continue Reading →

Death in the garden

It rained today. Like poured, shower head coming out of the clouds type of rain. I stood outside feeling like the alien on “The faculty”. The cold wind in my face, leaves hitting my skin, my tentacles reaching out to collect the droplets of water to feed my dry soul. Then I remember I have... Continue Reading →

Come back to me.

I know I know…it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything and no my garden did not die…. yet. ha. I’ve been writing not editing or posting so I’m super behind but I’m still going to post past events. My garden mistakes can be your tomato plant saviors. So this will go pretty fast through a... Continue Reading →

choke me.

I bought artichoke seeds today and fabric root bags, I guess that’s what they’re called. I’m using those for my plants that last all year and need protection from the shitty weather we’ve been experiencing. I’m also going to build a lil cinder block shelf so I can sprout more plants since I went and... Continue Reading →

The imposter.

All raised beds are ready. I’m going to layer my dirt then start sectioning off with cotton cord and small nails. I figure after I section off add plants remove cording, I could use the cord and nails to make a little DIY trellis for the plants to crawl up on if needed. I’m moving... Continue Reading →

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