Rain on my parade

I haven’t looked at my garden in weeks. I know, disgusting what type of gardener am I? Well one who lives in CA and we have been blessed with so much fucking rain. Everything is muddy, so I don’t have to worry about watering. Also, by the time I’m out of the office the sky is black. What I can see from the windows as I type, the gophers have overtaken my life. All the hard work I did putting down black ground cover stuff then the mulch is ruined. I have heaps of dirt under everything making me walk over lil mountains in the front yard, I’m assuming also garden side. All the succulents I was trying to root are floating in a bin. I should probably save them. I was a lifeguard in girl scouts. The Vinca I tried to identify from downtown and finally found in Los Angeles was knocked over by the rude wind. I did bring in my prized jug plant. But I left it out during the frost, so will see, it’ll probably die and I’ll buy another, the awful cycle continues. I still have some carrots growing. I’m excited to see how I can use them to pretend I have a male genitalia in all the dms I send. Along with would you put this in your mouth? I know omgs disgusting.

 I’ve been hiking since nothing grows and I found tons of mushrooms! I started chewing on random things in the forest. Turns out I should of died, only goats bodies process that plant. I guess I’m a goat. I really thought it was sage then I goggle lensed it and was way off. It smelled the same and look similar I thought “wild sage fantastic I shall eat this the bounty the earth has provided me”. The only confusing part is some pages say poison other say mild reaction. I bought a mushroom book so I can see what I’m touching and outing in my mouth. I just put my tongue on them and turns out that enough to die! These books are informative. I hear people die but from eating them so I thought touch touch lick lick I’ll be fine. But no. So I have stopped licking. I still touch all the mushrooms. All of them need my hands! I found a puff ball fungi it was too small so I cupped it in soil and to it off the trail so I could come back when its bigger without it being stepped on. That trail was awful and so inclined I thought I was going to roll off the hill into redwoods so will see if return in time.

Other than looking at my garden from a distance and hiking I’ve been planning the garden for this new season in my head of course and on paper. I’m moving zucchini out the raised bed. They took over last year and moving the potatoes as well. I don’t know why I thought putting them in a raised bed with everyone was a good idea.


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